We are one of the professional computer group (Associated with leading Computer Hardware and Software Houses) and  at present we are effectively active in Karachi - Pakistan regarding all concerns of computer hardware and software working areas. 


Our services are mainly comprises as follows:  

  • Sales & Services of all type of computer peripherals and accessories  ( Details )

  • Maintenance Services for computerized labs and all concern offices.  ( Details )

  • Computer Trouble Shouting, repairing and software installation for individuals  ( Details )

  • Providing all major ISPs for Internet users for home and offices   ( Details )

  • Software and Website Development / Marketing services           ( Details )

  • Scanning and Printing Services    ( Details )

Computer Inn International feels pleasure to work hard for repairing and upgrading of computer systems and in all other subjected areas. Our experts can solve your computer's problem at very competitive price. If it needs to be cleaned, we clean it.  If it's broken, we fix it.  If it's defective, we replace it.  Whatever the problem, it becomes ours, not yours. We also offering complete networking setup via local area networking.


Computer Inn International Hardware Sales

Offering fully loaded branded and unbranded systems for offices and individuals. We can offer you quality products with most economical prices. You can find us as one stop shop for all peripherals and accessories like Intel processors, AMD processors, main boards for Intel processors, main boards for AMD processors, monitors, hard disks, memory (RAM), floppy drive, printers and cartridges, sound cards, AGP & VGA card, scanners, speakers, keyboard, fax card, LAN card, camera/ TV tuners card, CD ROM drive, stabilizers, casings, mouse, scanners and computer accessories like software / MP3 and game CDs, hardware drivers, floppy and CD disks, computer covers etc.


Computer Inn International Maintenance Services

Our professionals can maintain your computer's at optimal working level for all sort of troubleshooting. We assure you our dedicated staff will provide you mental satisfaction for your problems on long term basis. Our services are available for both comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance contract. For further details kindly contact us at computerinn@vpinfotec.50webs.com.



Computer Inn International Repairing and Installation for individuals 

Whenever your computer need troubleshooting we make them trouble free. Either you feel any problem in your computer hardware or software, our technical person can solve it. Our repairing service also included for removing of virus, taking backups, operating system and related software installations and replacement of any damaged part. In addition to above we are also facilitating with PICK & DROP services for your computer at your doorstep. For this you may contact us via our email address computerinn@vpinfotec.50webs.com.



Computer Inn International Internet Service

We are authorized dealer of number of major Internet Services and widely offering following ISPs.


Asia Online, BreezeNet, Comsats, CompuNet Online, Crestar, Cubexs, Cyber Access, Digicom, E-World, Fascom, Gem Net, Gerry's Net, Global Net, Hinet Pakistan, Logon, NetSol, Nettlink, Netasia, Robonets, PakNet (PTCL), Pakfree, SAMW Online, Ssunet, Tryinter Net, WebNet, WorldTel, Zabnet. & others.




Computer Inn International Scanning and Printing Services

We are also providing printing and scanning services on casual and contract basis.