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We welcome advertisement at this web site. If you are interested to see your message in the form of your logo, banner or text at, you may contact us. If you require, your ad could be hyper linked with your web site to deliver interested visitors to you. You may gain this facility by only paying of Rs.600/- for six months and only Rs.1100/- for one year. The advertisement are available at followings terms;


Advertisement on


1. Advertisement could be in the form of text or graphic format. 


2. The rate for advertisement are same for all pages except home page. There are Rs.300/- extra charges for appearance of your advertisement at first (home) page.


3. Rates given above are for one ad. The fee should be paid before getting online your ad.


4. The ads which are conflict with government policies are not acceptable and / or can be cancelled immediately without any notice. 


Your ad will be uploaded within 48 hours after confirmation Web Advertisement process. You can also advertise your message in the form of popup browser. It is not necessary that you have a website for advertise on this site. You just publish here your service and product information in the form of banner, image, popup browser or text.



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